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Anniversary tabletop arrangement

Air filled balloon arrangement. About 2ft tall. Main balloon can be customized to suit any occasion/ celebration. To customize, please type in the textbox, your:
  • Type of celebration (anniversary, birthday, baby shower, etc):
  • Color theme:

Black Beige number bouquet arrangement 20th adult grand

Height: around 4ft. Number balloon is 32inch. Available in gold, silver, black, blue. Please contact us for details on name print on number balloon. To customize, in the textbox let us know:
  • the age number and the color
  • overall color theme
  • name
Can be customized to suit any colour theme. Table top number bouquet Helium balloons: 6 latex and 1 foil star balloon.  

Chrome gold, silver takeaway balloon garland

From 5,700
Let us know your color theme and the preferred length and we will customize the garland accordingly. Length 5ft. The garland comes with 2 strings on both ends. You can easily hang it on the wall. Please contact us for more details on mounting this garland.

Foil number 32inch (without helium)

Available in: Gold, black, silver, rose gold, blue, pink. Can only hold normal air, cannot hold helium/ cannot float. (only 40inch number balloon is large enough to hold helium)

Foil number 40inch large helium filled

Colors: Gold, silver, rose gold, white, beige (subject to availability)

Foil number/ letter 16inch

1x number balloon (colors: gold/ silver/ rose gold/ pink) can only hold normal air (cannot hold helium / cannot float) In the textbox, please let us know your preference:
  • the color of the number balloon

Happy Birthday Foil Balloon Banner: Gold / Silver / Rose Gold / Black

Balloon pack comes with: 13 letter balloons size 16inches (After filling air, size will reduce by 2-3inches) Straw for you to fill air at home (air fill only, cannot hold helium gas) String to hang the letters and paste string to the wall  

Number bouquet arrangement adult mid sized

Height: around 2.5-3ft. Width 2.5ft. Number balloon is 16inch, available in gold, silver, rose gold, blue. To customize, in the textbox let us know:
  • the age number and the color
  • overall color theme
  • name to be printed
Can be customized to suit any colour theme. Item 1: Table top number bouquet Item 2: Helium filled: 3 helium balloons

Paper Fans Events Accessories Yellow

6pcs of paper fans: 2x 16inch 2x 12inch 2x 8inches